Bunnies on the farm!

Well it had to happen some time I suppose, bunnies. I think that the husfarmer knew it was only a matter of time before I had an itching for the cute little guys, therefore he didn’t resist too much. We now have 2 of the cutest bunnies in the world here are Yankee Belle Farm. Meet Pippin and Whitie.

IMG_9253 (Medium)

Hi. I’m Pippin!

IMG_9271 (Medium)

Hello, I’m Whitie!

I wanted to make sure the bunnies had plenty of room to hop and play instead of living in a little cage. Naturally this meant we needed to build something for the little darlings to live in. Unfortunately, bunny proofing meant digging a 2 foot trench so no one could dig in or out.

IMG_8886 (Medium)

Thanks husfarmer!

The little guys have settled in nicely to their new home. Welcome bunnies!

IMG_9219 (Medium)

Sniff, sniff

IMG_9230 (Medium)

I love my logs!

IMG_9241 (Medium)

Best buds

IMG_9246 (Medium)


IMG_9278 (Medium)

Just relaxing

Is there really anything cuter than a bunny tail? So glad these boys live with us now.

IMG_9267 (Medium)

Perfect view from the bunny house