Letter detective: On a hunt to learn

School is back in full swing by now for everyone I am sure. Being a former teacher I love back to school time. I still want to go into Walmart and buy school supplies in bulk. With back to school comes back to homework and studying. I wanted to share an activity I did with “Batman” that could be adapted to study just about anything.

Although “Batman” doesn’t have any homework from preschool we are still working on letter identification and sounds. I made him an official letter detective and off we went to hunt letters! We have a letter tree in the playroom where we put the letters that we have learned to make them visible.

I told “Batman” that the letters had escaped and we had to go and track all of them down. This helped him review letters that he knew and I also added a few new ones.

Let the letter hunt begin!

He found H outside on the porch. He used his spy phone to call H and ask it what sound it made. We took H and put it in a bag so that we could return it to the letter tree in the playroom.

We continues our hunt…

Those letters were really hiding!
Nicholas was excited to learn about the letter A for alpaca!
P for pig!

Once we found all of our letters we headed back inside to put the letters back on our tree and told them not to run away again.

I hope you can go on your own hunt for letters, sight words, math problems, vocabulary words or what ever your little one is learning. Have fun learning!

Love at lunch: My take on lunch notes.

Before I packed “Batman’s” first lunch for lunch bunch day at school tomorrow I decided to hop on the computer to see if I could find any cute lunch notes to include. As I was scrolling through countless super cute notes that I could print out it dawned on me that I was getting lunch notes before lunch notes were a thing. 

My mom would include a special I love you note every so often in my lunch. I don’t know the story behind how it started but the message is a picture rather than words. I have to assume this is because she started giving me these notes before I could even read just like I am doing for “Batman.” I never really stopped to think about how special those notes were until today in the midst of my internet lunch note search. This got me thinking, would I remember those notes so well if it was just a cute printed off picture? I don’t know. 
A recent I love you note from my mom, just like when I was little
This special note appeared in my lunch when I was little but followed me through my life as a sign of encouragement. On my birthdays she would scroll Happy Birthday in lipstick across my mirror and then sign it with her signature I love you. When I went to college she would send care packages and include her special I love you. Even now when she sends something in the mail for me or the kids I can expect to see that special I love you. 
There is something about someone’s handwriting that is magical. It almost makes you feel like they are there with you. Try looking at a loved one’s card they have signed or a note they have written. I bet you will feel something in your heart when you do. 
So tomorrow in “Batman’s” lunch I am not going to print off the cute Yoda note that I had originally thought about. I am going to write him an I love you note picture style. I hope this note can some day become as special to him as it is to me. 
“Batman’s” first I love you lunch note

“Batman’s” Bible Box

You might remember back around Easter I posted our resurrection eggs that we were using to learn about the true meaning of Easter. Well, these eggs were still being used after Easter had come and gone. ” Batman” and “Strawberry Shortcake” LOVED the eggs. I took the Easter themed trinkets out of the eggs and put in other things that would tie into some of my favorite bible stories. So we continued to go on egg hunts everyday and do our devotion based on our eggs. Eventually I felt like the eggs needed to go and we needed a more permanent solution to continue this new tradition that we started. This is where our prayer box came from. “Batman” sometimes calls it his Bible box because we always read a Bible story after we open the box. No matter what the name of the box, it is an awesome way to fit in a devotion with little ones.

Decorating materials such as:
A small wooden box
A favorite bible verse to include on the inside

We spent time decorating our box and “Batman” put his finishing touches on his box.

Each morning I put something into the box that ties into a Bible story. I hide the box so “Batman and Strawberry Shortcake” can find the box like we are still hunting for eggs ( they love this part ). After “Batman” finds the box we all read our story together.

I hope this can give some inspiration on how to fit in a small devotion with your little one.