DARN YOU INTERNET! There is now a color debate on the farm!

Thanks to a recent Buzzfeed article, What colors are this dress?, it has sparked a furious debate here at Yankee Belle Farm pertaining to the color of this dress, so we decided to have a little fun with it!

(By the way… it is clearly, and obviously, Blue and Black)


Happy Snow Day – 2015

When it snows here in the south, its a BIG DEAL! Schools close, nobody goes in to work, and the grocery stores are sold out of bread, eggs, and milk. So, when we have a snow day here at Yankee Belle Farm, its always special. Here’s a quick video of our most recent snow day, where we take some time to hang out with our animals and enjoy this special occasion.

Yankee Belle Farm Visits The 2015 Carolina Alpaca Celebration

Here is a video of our adventure to the annual Carolina Alpaca Celebration held in Concord, NC. This was our first time visiting and we had a blast seeing all of the beautiful animals. Enjoy!