Renegade Raoul: The great alpaca escape

Well, it happened, my worst nightmare. Alpaca escape. Now let me start by saying all animals are perfectly fine and safe INSIDE their fence, but that doesn’t make the incident any less terrifying. As you can probably guess by the title of the post it was Raoul who decided to leave the pasture today. I have no pictures because obviously I was totally in a panic. So, I will use various pictures of Raoul to illustrate my point.

Here’s Raoul….


I’m an angel…. really….

He looks innocent here doesn’t he? Normally Raoul is my no drama alpaca. He stays out of most alpaca disputes, he doesn’t spit much, and he is just an all around laid back guy. He has one weakness… FOOD. Raoul will knock you down if it means some extra grain, hay or leaves. It’s so bad that it’s pretty comical. It is always someone’s job to make sure Raoul isn’t eating everyone else’s food during feeding time.

The ‘pacas got an extra little treat today that I think provoked this escape. We brought them fresh picked grass, a whole box full. They happily ate the grass and no one was happier than Raoul.


Normal laid back Raoul sleeping in the sun

Fast forward 2 hours…

Strawberry Shortcake and I went out to feed the animals for their evening feeding. As I opened the gate Raoul ran over at top alpaca speed, I think he thought I was bringing in some more grass for him. I opened the gate for Strawberry to come in and out he went. Did you read that? HE WENT OUT. OF THE FENCE! I was panic stricken to say the least. I knew Raoul would come to me no problem if I had some grain but the grain was on the other side of the pasture and I couldn’t leave the gate open for him to come back in because then more animals might escape. So, I did the only thing I could think of, I screamed for the hus-farmer (aka husband). I think people 3 miles away probably heard my crazy lady scream. Needless to say when he walked out the door he was alarmed to see Raoul looking at him outside of the fence. Luckily the hus-farmer was able to walk up behind him while Raoul was distracted by a blade of grass and grab him to lead him back into the fence.

Lessons learned

1. Alpacas will sneak out of a gate if they are motivated enough.

2. Fresh grass makes Raoul loose his mind and do crazy things like escape.

3. I NEVER want this to happen again, way too much stress.

IMG_4617 (Medium)

Sorry Mom….

It’s OK Raoul, I forgive you. How could I not with that face?

Also, I have a secret… We are adding a fence in the front yard so the boys can graze out there and have fresh grass all the time. Shhh, don’t tell Raoul, it’s a surprise.

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