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We currently have 3 alpacas at our little farmette. Alpacas are amazing animals. They are so gentle in their nature. When people ask me about their behavior I tell people they are like giant cats. They are very curious and want to be around people, but only want to be touched on their own terms. I will introduce you to the boys…


Nicholas is the eldest of out little herd and a sweet sweet boy. He was the most nervous when he came to our farm but also the first to warm. I can get hugs from Nicholas most of the time for a little grain in return. He loves to lay in the sun and always wants to know what his people are doing.

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Raoul has definitely become the clown of the group. He will do just about anything to get some grain and is always first in line at meal time. Raoul has started giving paca kisses in the morning when I go in to feed him which is such a great way to start my day.

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Monty is the baby of the group and just coming into his personality. Monty is very playful and is usually the one to get the other boys romping around the pasture. He also loves the other farm animals. I can usually look out the window and see him watching a chicken or following a pig around. Monty also loves the camera so much it’s hard to get a picture from a distance. Every time he sees me with the camera he loves to walk up and put his nose right on the lens.

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If you have never met an alpaca I hope to help you fall in love with them through this website. Check the blog as they are always doing something silly and wonderful.

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