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Our happy hens are free to roam all day long eating grass, bugs, and doing what God intended for them to do as chickens. On a hot day you will find them dust bathing in the sun wings stretched out and eyes closed soaking in nature in all of it’s glory. This is what a happy chicken looks like and we have plenty of them! IMG_4566

Why buy farm raised eggs?

When you buy eggs labeled “organic” in the grocery store it doesn’t necessarily mean that those chickens are frolicking in the sun all day long looking for crisp bugs.


When compared to commercial eggs,

eggs from hens who free range on pasture have:

– 1/3 less cholesteral

-1/4 less saturated fat

-2 times more omega 3 fatty acids

– 7 times more beta carotene


Not many white eggs around here!

When buying eggs from our farm you won’t find many white eggs in your carton. Out of all of our hens we only have 3 that lay white eggs. All of the rest of the eggs come in beautiful colors such as dark brown, blue, green, light brown and a pinkish color. The color egg that a chicken lays is based on the breed of the chicken. All of the eggs taste the same no matter their color, but it sure is wonderful to open a rainbow colored box of eggs in the morning!


Remember, when you buy farm raised eggs whether it be from our farm or another, you are supporting a local farmer and that’s a great feeling!

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