This past August we added two potbellied pigs to our farm. Melvin and Sherman rooted their way into our hearts right away.

IMG_5523 (Medium) (Medium)IMG_5565 (Medium)







We always get the question, ” do your pigs live inside?” No our pigs live outside where pigs can be their piggy selves. Pigs love to root around and dig up treasures. They are happy to be outside! These pigs are a lot like dogs. When ever I go outside or come home from being out I can count on them running and oinking loudly over to the fence to greet me. They also wag their tails, it’s pretty cute. I am working on petting Sherman everyday so I can hopefully get a harness on him. We will see how that goes as time goes on.


What do pigs eat?

Pigs eat a specially formulated hog grain with the right amounts of protein that they need. It’s really important to feed pigs grain so they don’t get too fat or not get enough protein. They do get piggy treats though and love fresh vegetables. Their absolute most favorite treat is popcorn. They will come running for some popcorn!

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