There’s a hen in my sink!

Goldie in her chicken spa bath

Most of the time things on our little farm are peaceful and in order, but sometimes not so much. Sometimes animals get sick. Last night I had a hen in the sink. Most people have chicken in their kitchen on their dinner tables. I have a squawking, flapping wet chicken in my sink. I suspected that this little girl, Goldie, was egg  bound, which means she had an egg stuck. A warm soak can help remedy the situation and ease the egg out. So I brought her inside and created a little chicken spa day. We still haven’t seen an egg but she seems to be doing much better.

Meanwhile…. I also have a chick in the dining room in our makeshift chicken hospital. On a nightly chicken check I picked up one of my girls to give her a snuggle and noticed she had a beak injury. The top half of her beak was missing!

“Beaky” the night we discovered her injury

We have been nursing this little girl back to health for a few days now and she is doing 110% better! She has learned to eat despite her missing beak. I am sure she will be happy to return to her friends soon.

‘Twas The Night Before Alpacas

‘Twas the night before alpacas and all ‘round the farm preparations have been made so there would be no alarm.

The fence has been pulled across the posts with care
In hopes that alpacas soon will be there.

The chickens and ducks were snug in their sheds awaiting their new snugly furry friends.

With the hubby worn out from building the barn
We both settled down until we would hear the alarm

When deep in our dreams worries arose
we both woke up thinking do we need to run back to Lowes!?

Away to the barn we flew like a flash
to double check our work and pick up the trash

When what to our wondering eyes should appear but a perfectly set up barn complete with alpaca chandelier.

So… we await the arrival of our alpacas in the morning. Stay tuned as we start our great alpaca adventure!

Earth Agents: Earth Day activities

Earth Agents!

When I was little I was sure I would single highhandedly save the earth. My neighbor/best friend and I even started The Save The Earth Club. It was official. We has sashes and patches. So naturally every year we celebrate Earth Day in a big way. This year the kids were Earth Agents, like secret agents learning about the planet.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Recycled earth crayons:

Broken blue and green cryaons
mini cupcake wrappers
Mini cupcake tin

1. Place the mini cupcake wrappers into the tin.
2. Fill each wrapper with broken pieces of blue and green crayons.
3. Bake crayons in a 200 degree oven for 25 minutes.
4. Let crayons completely cool before removing them from their wrappers.     

We learned about recycling by making recycled earth crayons. We used the globe to see how the earth is made of water and land. 

Batman getting ready to make recycled crayons  

“Strawberry shortcake” coloring with her recycled earth crayon

Nature Scavenger hunt:

I also took my little secret agents on a nature scavenger hunt. They looked for different colored flowers, animals, insects etc. “Batman” used his kid digital camera to take pictures of all the things he found on our hunt.

“Batman” found some white flowers

“Batman” chose his favorite tree to do a bark rubbing

We finished the day off with an earth fruit pizza. It was Delish!

What did you do for Earth Day? Leave a comment, we would love to hear how your family celebrates.