Bunnies on the farm!

Well it had to happen some time I suppose, bunnies. I think that the husfarmer knew it was only a matter of time before I had an itching for the cute little guys, therefore he didn’t resist too much. We now have 2 of the cutest bunnies in the world here are Yankee Belle Farm. Meet Pippin and Whitie.

IMG_9253 (Medium)

Hi. I’m Pippin!

IMG_9271 (Medium)

Hello, I’m Whitie!

I wanted to make sure the bunnies had plenty of room to hop and play instead of living in a little cage. Naturally this meant we needed to build something for the little darlings to live in. Unfortunately, bunny proofing meant digging a 2 foot trench so no one could dig in or out.

IMG_8886 (Medium)

Thanks husfarmer!

The little guys have settled in nicely to their new home. Welcome bunnies!

IMG_9219 (Medium)

Sniff, sniff

IMG_9230 (Medium)

I love my logs!

IMG_9241 (Medium)

Best buds

IMG_9246 (Medium)


IMG_9278 (Medium)

Just relaxing

Is there really anything cuter than a bunny tail? So glad these boys live with us now.

IMG_9267 (Medium)

Perfect view from the bunny house

Hey, don’t take our hay!

The pigs are up to mischief on the farm… the pigs are pretty much always up to mischief. We have finally gotten to the point where the pigs and alpacas enjoy each other. They aren’t snuggling or anything but you can find everyone in the barn together.

IMG_8167 (Medium)

You’ve got a friend in me!

The alpacas eat hay for the majority of their diet. The pigs do not eat hay, at all. They steel hay. Well, Melvin has decided he is going to steel hay. Although everyone hangs out in the barn, the pigs do have their own little piggy hut that they sleep in. There is tons of hay in their hut so they can snuggle in and burrow while they sleep, pigs get cold ya know. Melvin has taken it upon himself to make sure that his home is top notch, the envy of all pigs, and super plush with hay. So, he steels hay from the alpaca barn and walks it all the way across the barnyard to his house.

IMG_8175 (Medium)

I think this house needs more hay and less ripped up blanket…

He takes the hay that the alpacas have pulled out and left on the ground, it really is up for grabs I suppose.

IMG_8178 (Medium)

I will build my house of hay

IMG_8179 (Medium)

It’s a long way back to my house!

IMG_8180 (Medium)

Home sweet home

He is awfully cute with that mouth full of hay. One of the three little pigs did build their house of hay…. I suppose Melvin is that little pig. At least he takes pride in his piggy home.