About the farm

How did we get to be a farm anyway?

I am a completely accidental farm girl. I am a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom/farmer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our little farm is situated on two and a half acres in the beautiful small town of Pittsboro North Carolina. When we first moved to this house a few years ago I would have never dreamed it would turn into any kind of farm but we had a tick problem. Not wanting to spray our yard with harsh chemicals I turned to a more natural tick prevention option, chickens. And so our adventure began with our 3 original hens Penny, Brown Cake, and J.C.IMG_1665 (Medium) Well even though we just intended on the three little chicks, how was I supposed to resist the ducklings that were next to the chicks? Well I didn’t, we also came home with four duckling and our tiny little farm began to grow in my mind. I fell in love with my chickens and ducks and began to research other animals that might be right for our home. First I got A LOT more chickens and then I met some alpacas. IMG_4757 (Medium)I fell in love with alpacas before I even met them. They have a calming nature that can not be explained until you spend time with one. Since our three little hens we now have chickens, ducks, alpacas, and pot bellied pigs. I hope you will follow our adventures on the farm blog as we learn about farming


Why Yankee Belle Farm?

IMG_3691 (Medium)When we first moved here in 2006 people would pick us out as northerners as soon as we opened our mouth to talk. We were also told that lots of Yankees have relocated to North Carolina. I never really thought of myself as a Yankee until so many people started referring to me as one. As far as the Belle part of the name goes the simple answer would be we live in the south so I am a southern belle. That is part of it but not all of it. My Grandmother was from the south and a true southern belle herself. After doing genealogy research I found out that my family for as far back as I could find lived in the south and were farmers. I feel like for this reason I have a connection here thus calling the second half of our farm name “Belle” as in southern belle.

The Yankee Belle Kids:

I will call the kids of Yankee Belle Farm “Batman” and “Strawberry Shortcake” for the sake of the website and the blog. These two amazing children are the light of my life. I am so happy that I can stay home with them each day to make memories and soak up their sweetness. I hope you can get a glimpse into some of the fun things we do every day to keep things interesting around here.

IMG_4232 (Medium)